Commercial Banking

Corporate Banking Services:

We provide corporate banking services such as contract bonds, bid bonds, advance payments, performance bonds, letters of credit, treasury products in addition to short and long-term Islamic loans.

We also offer a full range of commercial banking services such as project finance, syndicated loans, trade finance, and money management.

Commercial banking services:

The bank is interested in providing an integrated package of banking services to the commercial business sector in Iraq, including Commercial banking services, within the general activities of production and trade. The following industries and sectors and many more.


  • Import and export of goods
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Transport, vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Appliances, household appliances and furniture.
  • Foodstuff, agricultural products and consumer goods.
  • Exchange money.
  • Financial liaison.

Small and Medium Enterprises:

Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank’s strategy includes supporting small and medium-sized companies, and in appreciation of the positive role they play in strengthening the Iraqi economy, the bank has established a specialized sector to meet the needs of this sector. Offers the best banking solutions compliant with Islamic Sharia.

Trade Finance:

Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank is committed to providing world-class services and expertise to our clients for whom we have a lot of appreciation and respect, whether small, medium or big.  We also offer our services to all our clients working in the field of importing and exporting goods and services at competitive prices.

Our trade finance solutions include:

  • Issuance of letters of credit for import.
  • Import financing solutions for pre and post shipment.
  • Advise and confirm export letters of credit.
  • Export financing after shipment.
  • Negotiate, purchase and discount export invoices drawn under letters of credit.

Issuance of guarantees and mutual guarantees.