International Banking Services

International Banking Services:

Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank seeks to support the Iraqi market through its presence in the international banking arena and its strategy is based on focusing on providing the best international banking services. The bank enjoys the presence of a network of correspondent banks spread in all countries of the world used for the purpose of supporting and meeting the requirements and the needs of customers. In addition to providing international banking services, the bank has been developing partnerships with these correspondent banks in order to be able to provide the best services to customers.

The bank enjoys a specialized and trained cadre at the highest levels to extend a helping hand to its corporate and individual customers in all matters related to trade financing, corporates support and investments.

Investment management:

At a time when the world’s economic trends are not clear. Stock markets fluctuate constantly.

Investment management may be one of the most valuable and important services for our clients. We believe that the best thing we can offer to our clients in this field is to manage their investments on their behalf, as we sell and buy good quality securities in the global markets and prepare all the necessary documents to complete transactions. We also provide advisory and credit services, in addition to custody services.

Treasury services:

We understand that choosing the right treasury solutions is an important and key decision for any business. Our treasury services provide you with many comprehensive financial services and products that help you manage risks and grow your business. These services extend from managing cash on a daily basis to specialized services in money markets, capital markets, interest rates, and foreign exchange rates.

Our highly experienced dedicated team takes advantage of the opportunities and risks of the financial markets, and uses the latest resources and technology to provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end service. With our extensive knowledge of the local market and our extensive experience globally through our strategic partnership with many international banks, we can provide expertise with our knowledge of the market of your choice and provide tailor-made solutions.