Retail Services

Current Account:

You can now open a current account with the Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank and benefit from the services and special offers that we offer.


The possibility of obtaining a cheuqe book.

Account verification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monthly Account’s statement.

Standing orders for regular payments.

Gateway to obtain the products services, and other banking facilities (Islamic loans, credit cards) of the Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank.

Savings Account:

The savings account is an investment savings account that is compliant with the principles of Islamic Sharia. Individuals, companies, and institutions can open this Account. This account enables customers to save part of their fixed assets, which they can use in purchases while achieving a financial return at the same time.

Regular accounts and VIP accounts can be opened as personal or corporate accounts.

Deposit Investment Account:

The Deposit Investment Account is based on the principle of “Wakala” whereby the client (the “Muwakkil”) assigns Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank in its capacity (the “Agent”) to perform the transaction for an agreed upon expected profit rate. The “Wakeel” (the bank) invests the funds in the general financing portfolio.

Credit Cards:

Classic Credit Card, is an Islamic Shari’a compliant card which provides you with a host of benefits for your optimum convenience and peace of mind.

Personal Loans:

Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank Personal loans have been designed to be within the reach of everyone, especially those who are working to achieve their dreams. The options offered by our loans also help you achieve your dreams, no matter how big your ambitions are.

Auto Loans:

Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank offers its customers Shariah-compliant car financing through “Murabaha” contracts. Through our commitment to help our customers keep up with their lives events, Al-Mashreq Al-Arabi Islamic Bank offers its individual and corporate customers many facilities with options for auto finance when purchasing new vehicles.